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How do you care for the English Longhorn Cattle?

Ed gives us an insight into the world of caring for rare breeds. The English Longhorn Cattle have been a great success story for the rare breeds at Mary Arden’s Farm and we hear what goes into the daily care for these fabulous animals. Find out ways you can support the Longhorns here.

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Why adopt the English Longhorn Cattle?

Ed, the farmer at Mary Arden’s Farm, makes the case for why we should adopt the English Longhorn Cattle and why they are such a success story in the campaign to preserve rare breeds in England. Please help us by adopting the animals.

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How do you care for the Mangalitza Pigs?

Ed tells the Fundraising team what goes into the care for the Mangalitza Pigs including the rather large level of feeding they require and how to keep them happy and covered in mud. Find out how you can support our rare breeds.

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Manx Loaghtan sheep

Ed talks about one of the wildest animals on the farm- the Manx Loaghtan ewe

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Why are the Mangalitza Pigs so Special?

Farmer Ed talks to the Fundraising team about why the Mangalitza Pigs – a docile, rare breed native to Hungary – are so important to preserve and how the team at Mary Arden’s Farm are keeping these gorgeous animals alive and snorting. See what you can do to support our rare breeds.

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