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First lamb of 2012!

Ed tags the first lamb of 2012 and our very first pedigree Portland lamb!

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The Herefords take a stroll

Our Traditional Hereford heifers are walked in the yard for the first time

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Longhorn walking

Our in-calf Longhorn heifer, Asbies Keepdown Kate being taken for a walk by Hannah under the supervision of Joe.

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Grooming the Herefords

Ed talks us through grooming the young Traditional Hereford heifers

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Oxen training

Joe explains a little about how to train a pair of working oxen with the help of our Gloucesters, Chalky and Mac.  

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Cotswold sheep

Ed chats with Rob Harvey- Long, breeder of prize-winning Cotswold sheep and owner of the ram lamb, Pickwick Couer de Lion used at Mary Arden’s this autumn.

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Introducing Sir Pickwick Couer de Lion

Meet Pickwick Couer de Lion (yes, that is his real name), our new Cotswold ram lamb who has been bought to Mary Arden’s Farm to breed with the pedigree Cotswold ewes.  Hopefully next April we’ll have lots of cute Cotswold lambs for you to visit when The Farm re-opens next Easter.  Adopt Pickwick, the ewes […]

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Caring for a Cotswold

The Cotswold is descended from flocks that were grazing the green grass of England in Roman times but this friendly breed is endangered and we need your help to keep this important breed alive and rocking (legend has it Neil Young used the them as a direct inspiration for his hairstyle). Adopt our rare breed […]

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Gloucester cattle

Ed describes another of the farm’s rare breeds- the two inquisitive Gloucester heifers

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The importance of the Cotswold

Farmer Ed talks to us about why the Cotswold sheep are such an important fixture at Mary Arden’s Farm. This ancient breed enjoys popularity at The Farm due to its affable temperament and rather fetching 1980′s hairstyle. Help us keep this inquisitive and friendly breed alive to inspire retro haircuts for many years to come […]

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